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NEW ! NEW ! Concession Stand Schedule for Boys' Basketball & Girls' Volleyball

This is your definitive resource for all CYO related questions as pertains to your child's and family's participation in Holy Spirit CYO. Click on link below to find aswers to FAQs, including League requirements, monitoring guidelines, and game rules, as well as find ways to get involved in the program.

Our CYO Ways & Means Coordinator Marie Herbert may be contacted if you wish to address specific parts of this link, including questions on Food Court management.

Please note: The attached link includes references followed by sample forms and documents; because of the volume of information enclosed (over 30 pages), your browser may take some time to fully load. Thanks for your patience...


CYO Team Parent Corner 

Our Responsibilities.....

To help you get familiarized with the team roster sheet and forms used during CYO events, click on the these links: 

The following are samples of a wallet-sized list of player’s names and jersey numbers and game schedule. Laminating the game schedule back-to-back with the list of player’s names and jersey numbers is a very helpful tool for the scorekeeper and to distribute amongst your team.        

Odds and ends... In an effort to assist teams during games, the gym concessions stand is now able to provide team snacks to provide last minute after-game refreshments for players, just in case the designated family misses out on their team snack assignment. Click on link below for details.

For parent coaches and trainers... We want to ensure that our facilites are kept secure and our equipments accounted for after every practice. Please review the following procedure and discuss with your teams how the gym should be managed at the end of every practice session.